Just an Amateur Blogger


Am I young? Yes. A good blogger? Not yet. Amateur? Definitely. My world of blogging revolves around writing things that I think are cool… but not too socially unacceptable. I started only recently, and predictably, my progress is slow. I do not post original pictures in my blog posts- which I should. Reading posts of older, more experienced people, makes me realize that blogging has a lot more to it than just sounding cool. Writing good content is hard- and getting people to read it- that’s even harder. Not many people visit my blog. I just try to be content with the few views I get per week, hoping that when I grow older, I’ll realize the true essence of writing, and post more useful things. My posts are short- very short. I don’t think of a big enough content to write. I’m just not patient enough to think, I guess. How big should a blog- post be? I have no idea. I really don’t know how to describe my style of writing. You may call it casual, but I do think a lot when I write posts. Most of the time, I end up feeling pretty stupid about things that I write. Is there enough dramatism in my posts? Should I use bigger words more often? These are questions that continuously envelope my mind when I type. I sometimes feel like I lack imagination- that I’m just too practical.  A lot of people write about serious, thought provoking issues. I sometimes feel like I too want to do something similar- but then, that’s not really me. I’m not insensitive about the social atrocities going on around me- don’t get me wrong. But I’m more of a happy- go- easy person. I love to make people happy. And I’d love to help influence my generation. Maybe one day I will. And that will be the day when I will finally be able to call myself a full- fledged blogger.


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