Unlicensed Driving- Dangerous Roads

unlicensed driving

A lot of youngsters on Indian roads today don’t have a license. I can list out a lot of fatal incidents involving unlicensed drivers. Everyday, coming home from school, I see a lot of kids on bikes and scooters, going home from school. Only when accidents happen, we are concerned about driving without licenses. But a few days later, all that concern is gone. We get back to our usual lives- with thousands of unlicensed drivers wreaking havoc on the roads. Let me tell you something- don’t think that it’s cool, or fashionable, or trendy to drive without a license. It’s not. It’s really not. It is illegal, and a punishable offence, and many lives have been lost because of it. You know what is really cool? Trying to Stop unlicensed driving. If you have a friend who drives without a license, or if you yourself are an unlicensed driver, please do your best to put a stop to it. Parents, You give your son or daughter the privilege of driving without his/ her license, and you may well be the reason for them getting killed on the road. Wake up to this fact, and work to put an end to unlicensed driving.

It won’t hurt to wait till you’re eighteen.

P.S: Schools, please do not encourage students driving to classes.


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