Mom On Facebook

d vs m
You know, once in a while you see posts depicting mothers on Facebook- let me tell you how true that is- well, at least in my case. My mom is a lot more popular than me on Facebook. She has 700 more friends than I do, and she gets a lot more likes on her posts than I do, even though I’m supposed to be the teenager here. If I could just have my mom’s Facebook profile for a day, I’d be a celebrity. Apart from all this stardom, what annoys me most is the fact that my mom keeps tabs on me to check what I’m doing on Facebook. I quite lost my head with anger when I learnt that my mom had started sending friend requests to people on My friends’ list- just to see what I was communicating with them. I know my mom cares for my online safety and all, but this is just too much. It’s nice to have tech- savvy and modern parents who keep up with the trends, but at some time, you’ll realize that it can also be a real pain.

Before finishing off, I just want to say, this post is purely for the purpose of Fun. I do not intend to offend or anger anyone. Moms are really wonderful and it’s impossible to imagine a  world without them- even on Facebook.

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