5 Minutes Of Motivation For Your Exam Results

Come day after tomorrow (Monday), the exam papers will be out. At this crucial time, I’ve decided to give you guys some help in putting out that nervousness that’s already probably settling in. How have I done my exams? I’ve seriously got no idea! If you are going through something similar, keep reading… this post may just pep you up!

Have you put in your best efforts in your exams, even if you haven’t studied much? If yes, then you have absolutely Nothing to worry about! Because, according to me, hard work during exams= pass marks. When your teacher starts giving out the answer sheets, try not to compare your classmates’ marks. You’ve done your level best and that’s all there is to it. If you’ve failed or got lesser than you expected, just go through your mistakes and try to correct them next time. Because, based on my experience, you always get certain questions which are important for all of your tests. The next time the same question pops up, you’ll be able to answer it. You don’t always have to be on top of the class. Stop pressurizing yourself if you wind up in second place.

Whenever you are preparing for your exams, ask yourself this question: What do I write exams for? You do not write it for your parents, and you do not write it for your teachers. You write it for yourself, and more importantly, to keep in mind some of the important things you’ve learnt in class.

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