Tribute to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

abdul kalam ji

I don’t want to bore you guys by telling you a bunch of things you already know about Dr. Kalam. But I don’t think we’ll ever get tired of hearing things about this great man. To those who do not know, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was born to Jainulabudeen and Ashiamma on the 15th of October, 1931 in Rameshwaram, Tamilnadu, India. (a fact in which I take great pride!) After his studies, he started his career as a scientist in DRDO, and then transferred to ISRO. He received the Padma Bhushan, the Padma Vibhushan and the Bharat Ratna- the highest civilian award in India, for his exemplary service. Dr. Kalam then went on to become the 11th President of Independent India. I had a chance to meet Dr. Kalam when he came to a nearby university many years ago, but I missed it- a fact that I regret very much now. I cried a lot when I saw the news about his death, like the rest of the Indian populace. It’s just amazing that someone you haven’t even seen can make you feel so much. There’s just something about his personality that is so reassuring… like he’ll always be there for us. His humility is something that I’ve heard a lot about. On one occasion, when Dr. Kalam had gone to Ooty, his room’s door had a sign board that read ‘Bharat Ratna Dr. Kalam’. To which he refused, saying that the law did not permit a person to add honorary awards before his name! Now That’s something that you do not see everyday. Dr. Abdul Kalam always wanted to be remembered as a good teacher- and that’s what he’ll always be remembered as.

I want to add that today’s also my beloved Grandpa’s birthday- which we’ll be celebrating in a short while.

A Very Very Happy Birthday to all of you guys celebrating out there!- and I hope that a lot of new Kalams are born today!


5 Things I’ve Learned From 5 Years Of Blogging

5 Things I’ve Learned From 5 Years Of Blogging

I learnt a lot through this… check it out…

101 Books

I don’t know how long the average blog lasts—maybe a few months? 101 Books has been around for five years and, as blogs go, that’s pretty ancient. It’s like the Bush, Clinton, Kennedy families in politics—whether you like it or not, we never go away!

Over the years, I’ve learned a few things. Most of them by accident. When I started the blog, I just wanted to start a reading blog—more specifically, a reading blog that follows this little reading journey with the Time Magazine list.

I’ve screwed up a lot, but I’ve had a few wins too. And, today, I want to tell you a little about both. Here’s 5 things I’ve learned in my 5 years of blogging at 101 Books.

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Unlicensed Driving- Dangerous Roads

unlicensed driving

A lot of youngsters on Indian roads today don’t have a license. I can list out a lot of fatal incidents involving unlicensed drivers. Everyday, coming home from school, I see a lot of kids on bikes and scooters, going home from school. Only when accidents happen, we are concerned about driving without licenses. But a few days later, all that concern is gone. We get back to our usual lives- with thousands of unlicensed drivers wreaking havoc on the roads. Let me tell you something- don’t think that it’s cool, or fashionable, or trendy to drive without a license. It’s not. It’s really not. It is illegal, and a punishable offence, and many lives have been lost because of it. You know what is really cool? Trying to Stop unlicensed driving. If you have a friend who drives without a license, or if you yourself are an unlicensed driver, please do your best to put a stop to it. Parents, You give your son or daughter the privilege of driving without his/ her license, and you may well be the reason for them getting killed on the road. Wake up to this fact, and work to put an end to unlicensed driving.

It won’t hurt to wait till you’re eighteen.

P.S: Schools, please do not encourage students driving to classes.

Mom On Facebook

d vs m
You know, once in a while you see posts depicting mothers on Facebook- let me tell you how true that is- well, at least in my case. My mom is a lot more popular than me on Facebook. She has 700 more friends than I do, and she gets a lot more likes on her posts than I do, even though I’m supposed to be the teenager here. If I could just have my mom’s Facebook profile for a day, I’d be a celebrity. Apart from all this stardom, what annoys me most is the fact that my mom keeps tabs on me to check what I’m doing on Facebook. I quite lost my head with anger when I learnt that my mom had started sending friend requests to people on My friends’ list- just to see what I was communicating with them. I know my mom cares for my online safety and all, but this is just too much. It’s nice to have tech- savvy and modern parents who keep up with the trends, but at some time, you’ll realize that it can also be a real pain.

Before finishing off, I just want to say, this post is purely for the purpose of Fun. I do not intend to offend or anger anyone. Moms are really wonderful and it’s impossible to imagine a  world without them- even on Facebook.

Where I Grew Up

This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for a long time. Needless to say, our surroundings play an important role in shaping our lives. Today, I thought I’d give you guys some info on my beautiful colony, situated on the outskirts of Coimbatore.


Seen above is the entrance to my colony. It was established in 1983, and the first settlers worked in the Indian Overseas Bank. Hence the name I.O.B Colony.


This is our own beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha. I spent some great moments of my childhood playing in the temple premises with my friends. Actually, the colony is comprised only of the four streets surrounding the temple, but as years passed, it has expanded a lot and is spread over many acres.


The park attached to the temple is directly in front of my house. I had a lot of awesome times here too. It was opened five years ago and there was a fountain in the center. Of course, we broke it the very next day, but it was still fun!


Our library was started a few years after the colony was established. This was where I developed my love for reading. Last time I went, the librarian told me hundreds of books taken off the shelves haven’t been returned yet. Though I’m not proud of it, I still find it slightly amusing.


To me, my colony feels like a safe haven, being surrounded by mountains on three sides. On one of these mountains is the Marudhamalai temple built somewhere around the 1950’s. You can get a view of the hill temple from almost anywhere in the colony.


This was a place I loved going to when I was a kid. It somehow seemed to hold a hint of mystery in it. A stream used to run here decades ago, and there is a sort of mud- bridge across it. Then, a few years later, my parents stopped allowing me there since it was no longer ‘safe’. Today I got a chance to go there again to take pictures for my post. The smell of the Eucalyptus and the cold air is so refreshing.


Blogging about my colony makes me nostalgic. I remember the times when we used to cycle all around the place, in sun or rain, unhindered. The sense of freedom was just exhilarating. To this day, the beauty of my surroundings has never ceased to awe me. And I’m really glad this is where I grew up.

5 Minutes Of Motivation For Your Exam Results

Come day after tomorrow (Monday), the exam papers will be out. At this crucial time, I’ve decided to give you guys some help in putting out that nervousness that’s already probably settling in. How have I done my exams? I’ve seriously got no idea! If you are going through something similar, keep reading… this post may just pep you up!

Have you put in your best efforts in your exams, even if you haven’t studied much? If yes, then you have absolutely Nothing to worry about! Because, according to me, hard work during exams= pass marks. When your teacher starts giving out the answer sheets, try not to compare your classmates’ marks. You’ve done your level best and that’s all there is to it. If you’ve failed or got lesser than you expected, just go through your mistakes and try to correct them next time. Because, based on my experience, you always get certain questions which are important for all of your tests. The next time the same question pops up, you’ll be able to answer it. You don’t always have to be on top of the class. Stop pressurizing yourself if you wind up in second place.

Whenever you are preparing for your exams, ask yourself this question: What do I write exams for? You do not write it for your parents, and you do not write it for your teachers. You write it for yourself, and more importantly, to keep in mind some of the important things you’ve learnt in class.