Girl Power!!!

girl power

I had an essay on the status of women in society in my exam today, so I’m pretty much pumped up with feminism and #girl power. Admit it- men are more dependent on women than women are dependent on men. As a feminist, let me let out all my pent- up anger on gender discrimination today. First of all, we girls have equal rights in hanging out with our friends as much as boys do! I mean, seriously, what’s wrong with That? We too feel the need to go out once in a while and enjoy ourselves! Why not just let us go? If this is something related to safety, just look around you. It’s probably easier to die walking on to the road than going out with friends. Next point, when you guarantee some rights and privileges to our brothers, the same goes for us! Either you give us equal freedom, or cut out privileges for our brothers. Sure, we may be weaker than men physically, but let me tell you- our mind is just as strong as theirs- maybe even stronger. Women achievers are born in and around the globe everyday. If you want proof- who’s the youngest Nobel prize winner? Look that up. Men have had the same privileges from times bygone till now- having been considered the ‘stronger’ sex, but women have risen up from the ashes of humiliation and torture- taller, stronger, and more determined than ever! We’re skyscrapers.

“A man does what he can; a woman does what a man cannot”

Women really do rule the world- we are the reason the sun shines everyday and the earth revolves around it. We are kind-hearted, and gentle and patient- patient enough to carry the weight of the whole world on our backs. We have an indomitable will and an unwavering faith in things we believe in.

Female: Fe=iron; male=man. We are iron men.

Girls can do Anything and Everything.


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