A Hell Lotta Makeup!!!

make up

We may deny it, but why pretend? We girls know we ALL Love makeup. We wear it when we feel down, we wear it cuz we’re happy, we wear it when we’re going out, we wear it cuz we’re home… we wear it all the time!!! Okay. That was a bit of exaggeration. We may not wear makeup all the time, but we still dab some on whenever we feel like it. Eyeliner and kajal for school, mascara for shopping, and a little bit of bronzer for parties. Not to mention the foundation and lip gloss you’re probably wearing. Fashion and makeup go hand- in- hand. If you love one, then you love the other. I know they say that makeup spoils your skin and what- not, but admit it- you just can’t do without it. A little bit of makeup here and there never hurt anyone. So Mom, the next time I put on some makeup, stop making that tut- tutting noise. You know I look good. And also that I care for my skin a lot more than you probably do. (No offence) What I’m trying to say is- makeup is there for times when you wanna look real good. It helps a lot in boosting your confidence- and I’m saying that from personal experience. When you look good, you feel good. Makeup once in a while is cool- just don’t overdo it.


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