The Secret Ingredient

secret ingredient

I read this beautiful story a few years ago and I just wanted to share it with you guys…

Carried down through the generations in the family was, among other things, a small box. But only the mother could use it. His mother had used it, and now his wife was continuing the tradition. Father and children were not allowed to even take a peep into it. At dinner time everyday, mom cooked the dishes, and as a finishing touch, took a tiny bit of the contents in the box, and sprinkled it on the food. And the taste it gave was so wonderful, words could not do justice to it. And day after day, the taste remained, unchanged. What was this magic ingredient, carried down through the generations in just a tiny container, but never once empty? Naturally, the family seldom ate outside. The taste and aroma of food seemed to create a special bond between them. The father and children were aching with curiosity about the contents of the tiny box. Father got his chance one day, when his wife and children were out, visiting their grandparents. Sitting at the dinner table, he could not cease marveling at the taste of the food cooked with the secret ingredient. He could see the tiny little box sitting on the shelf innocently. Getting up once, he sat down again, not being able to bring himself to do it. But having eaten another handful of the glorious food, with a steely resolve, the father got up, and took down the box from the shelf. His hands shook as he brought it to the lid. Gently opening it, he looked into it. To his utter astonishment, he found it empty. Empty- except for a folded piece of paper at the bottom. He fished it out, and gingerly opened it. The paper was wrinkled and faded- as if it had been used for centuries. And on it was written a short sentence “To everything you cook, add a dash of Love”.

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