What the Internet means to Me


Basically, I’m just one of the millions of netizens around the world- I cannot survive without internet. I sometimes feel that my life started only since I started using the web. Like most people, I have a routine of websites that I visit regularly. From gaming to fashion to yoga, the world wide web is my best friend. To me internet is all about meeting new people, getting to know the world a lot better, and to share my thoughts. Oh- and also the entertainment and fun that YouTube provides me. If I don’t get my weekly dosage of internet, I feel like I’m sacrificing on a lifetime of gossip, news and fun. I’m just so used to seeing the google home page everyday, that at times when the landline is cut, all I see is an empty wall- the computer desktop. So, what have I Really learnt from the internet? Quite a lot. And one of the best things internet has taught me is how to bake a pizza and wear makeup at the same time. I surf the net for all of those questions which I’m just too embarrassed to ask anyone else. Discovering the internet is like an adventure. You come face to face with things you never thought existed. And the best part is- you finally feel like you’re growing up.

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