How I Write Exams…

Every person has a different way of writing exams. When you’re a kid, you study hard for your exams cuz you feel there’s no other go… (Also maybe because you have a scary teacher). But once you reach high school, you pretty much get bored of the whole idea of exams- if you are a normal person. Let me show you guys what I do at exams…

9:30 A.M: Exam starts. Everyone is busy going through their question papers drawing margins. And what do I do? I’ll be sitting right there- studying all the others’ facial expressions and trying to catch someone’s eye.

9:35 A.M: Exam underway. I’m an obsessively neat person- especially when it comes to writing. I start slowly, writing down the answers neatly and precisely. Going through the question paper. I’m doubtful about half the questions. Wait. I don’t remember ever seeing this question. Hmm.. I can handle That one. OMG. I completely forgot to study that 20- mark essay- and it’s on the question! Never mind… I’ll handle it later.

10:45 A.M: Better write fast… got half the question paper to complete… I still don’t know the answer to that question- and that one- and that one… I wonder how Neeta’s getting on.. Come on!!! Turn! Look over here!

12:15 P.M: 15 minutes left… Still got two 20 marks, one 10 mark and all those one word answers to answer… (My paper resembles the last page of my rough notebook) God, why isn’t she turning around??!!

12:28 P.M: Whew! Completed at last… Now wait a minute.. Shit!!! I totally forgot about that two short answers I didn’t write. *Scribbles like crazy*. 12:30 P.M: Drawing lines, numbering pages, tying it up… Invigilator: Roll number 7!! Me: Oh my god Oh my god I’M DONE!! I’M DONE!! I almost pass out in relief.

12:35 P.M: Neeta: How did you do? Me: Ah, you know… not bad… the usual…

Me: Ah… not bad.. you know, the usual…


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