Top Ten things to do on a Rainy Day

rainy day

We all love the rain, don’t we? The gushing sound, the cool breeze, the smell of damp earth, and, most importantly, the dark, cozy indoors. Though playing in the rain seems like a great way to spend those awesome hours- let’s face it- we can do it only for a while. So, why don’t you guys grab yourselves something to eat… I’m about to break down the top ten things that I love doing on rainy days.

    1. As you may have guessed, number one on my list is- books. Be it an ever- green classic, or a chilling ghost story, novels and magazines are the way to go! Nothing’s more heavenly than curling up on your cozy bed, with blankets all around you, and a great story unraveling in front of your eyes. And the sound of the rain seems to add just a hint of mystery to it.
    2. Sometimes, cookery can also add a little bit of spice to your life- especially on dark, rainy days. Whip up some cookies, bake some pakodas, and make yourself a hot cup of tea. Monsoon seems like a great time to learn new recipes- and savour them. Why don’t you give it a try?
    3. Give yourself a makeover- try a new face-pack, or discover an awesome hairstyle. Try perfecting your everyday makeup routines. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to take a lot of pictures!
    4. Revamping your fashion seems like a great thing to do on a rainy day. Turn your closet out, and try wearing every combination of outfits possible. It will be a refreshing change, and will also keep you looking good for a long time!
    5. Nothing’s better than having your girls over for a nice, long chat. So, ring up your besties, and ask them to bring along all their favourite movies. Prop yourselves in front of the T.V. with lots of popcorn for a long movie marathon. You’re definitely gonna make a lot of memories.
    6. Card and board games are also great rainy- day companions. Gather your family and have a blast playing all your favourite games from carom to rummy.
    7. Sit on the front porch and listen to your favourite songs, watching the rain. It always makes me feel pretty nostalgic, and one with nature.
    8. Looking at old photo albums is also a really great way to spend your time- if you haven’t figured that out yet. You can also try sketching pictures into your art book- it makes for a pretty creative day.
    9. I’m sure this is something we all would have done in our childhood- putting together some chairs and making a tent. Most of the time, it would turn out sloppy, but somehow, we feel quite contented with it. I know it sounds kiddish- but you can never be too old for tents!
    10. Last, but not the least, one of the best things to do on a rainy day is to play a game of hide and seek. This is also something that I used to do as a kid, but I have outgrown most of my old hiding places. Call some of your friends and family over. I guarantee you a really fun day.

So… that’s it guys! Rainy days bring back a lot of memories… They always seem to have a knack of picking up my mood. And the next time you use the idiom ‘a rainy day’, make sure you think twice about it!

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