How to Impress your Teachers

Just because I’m posting this blog, do NOT think that I’m the perfect student! Like everyone else, I just learn from my experiences… But when it comes to school teachers, you can say I’ve got quite a lot! So why don’t you guys grab some popcorn and sit back… I’m just about to make your school days hella lot easier!

  1. Even if the mistake is not on your side, try not to talk back to your teacher. Do not raise your voice higher than his/her’s. You may try explaining gently, but Do Not talk back to your teacher.
  2. Each teacher is different. Get to know your teachers. Do not whisper about him/her behind his/her back. Even if you didn’t like your teacher at first, they might turn out to be pretty awesome once you get to know them better.
  3. Remember: Most of the time, your teachers are right. Do not act over- smart with them. It will definitely end in disaster.
  4. Complete your work on time and be punctual to school. Tie your hair properly and try not to wear any make-up. Be disciplined- at least when you are at school. It never hurt anybody.
  5. Do not take your teacher’s words lightly. Even if he/she is lenient, don’t take it for granted. Listen, and try to follow what they say.
  6. Laughing and posting about your teachers on facebook may seem cool- but it’s not. Be true to yourself. Don’t blindly follow things that other people do just to part of the ‘cool club’.
  7. Never forget to thank your teachers, or apologize to them, whenever needed. Those few words mean a lot.
  8. So, that’s it guys! I’m really sorry if you found this a bit boring… I know it can be hard to follow, but I guarantee that it’ll help you- in a lot more ways than you might think.
    Teachers are wonderful, and really amazing people. They deserve all the respect and the love that they get. Respect them for who they are… you’ll be feeling a lot better already!

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