What Clothes mean to me

We all love clothes. To me, clothes mean a lot of things… some have emotional value, some I look dashing in, and some I like to wear when I’m about to have fun… Clothes bring back a lot of memories to me. I can never forget the feel of the soft saris that my grandma used to wear- I was three when she died. And there were these beautiful cotton skirts that my aunt used to wear- they had a lot of animal prints on them. I had a great fun searching for different types of squirrels on them. My favorite style of dressing is casual. I love jeans and tees. Capris are my bffs. And there is this one lime- green top that I wear whenever I see it- my aunt says it looks horrible- but somehow I can’t help feeling I look really cool in it! Ha ha! I love fashion. (Who doesn’t?) My taste in clothes is rather good… but I’ve had my fair share of lousy choices. Like that horrible assortment I wore for a friend’s birthday a few years ago. But at the moment I felt that it was just perfect. I have a lot of skirts- long, medium and short. When it comes to short skirts, I like denims. And when it comes to longs or mediums, I like soft, printed ones. Clothes are my passion, my comfort, my hobby, and my best friends.

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