Pride and Prejudice and Me

To all those people who’ve already read Pride and Prejudice- congrats! And to those who haven’t- go read it. It’s totally worth your time. I read Pride and Prejudice about half a year ago, and it helped me a lot in judging myself. The characters in the book can easily be related to real people. What I loved most was the way the women were portrayed in the book. From the manipulative Lady Catherine to the wild and unabashed Lydia Bennet- who runs off with a young sailor, the book introduces to you women of all sorts. If you look a little more carefully, you may find that these women are not much dissimilar to those in your life. Needless to say, Elizabeth was my favorite- and I pride myself in saying that I’m a lot like her. (Just kidding!) I can almost imagine the sophisticated way in which she carries herself, her modesty, and the way she always stands her ground, no matter what. Pride and Prejudice is, in a way, a study of the human nature- it’s noble and ignoble qualities. You can draw inspiration from any of the characters, and try to better yourself. It teaches you a lot of morals- but at the same time, it’s also really interesting. Mr.Darcy’s character is a writer’s genius. The story seems really complicated, but at the same time, really simple. It’s definitely found it’s place on my list of top ten favorite books!

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