Preparing for exams

It’s 10:00 pm and I’ve got my terminal exam practicals tomorrow- and I haven’t studied a bit. I also have a five page assignment to complete. Yup. I’m utterly reckless. I’m just not interested in exams, I guess. I always start at the last minute. So, how do You guys prepare for exams? If you are a last- minuter, like me, then welcome to the club! I don’t know what it is about last- minute study, but it seems to work a lot better than preparing for weeks! My dad’s shouting at me right now for not studying and typing on my blog. Well, I felt that typing a blog is much better than trying to bully my brains into studying- so, here I am. But there are times when I really do study- like the time when I challenged my classmate that I would score more than him in Hindi. I ended up studying too hard and getting a centum. I never knew until then that I was capable of scoring more than 90% in language. But, turns out that challenging your friends is a pretty good way to study! Okay. I really need to wind up now and start studying. Feel free to share your exam- preparing experiences with me. And to all those poor souls who have got exams tomorrow- God be with you!
P.S: Try not to copy…

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